EnozoPro Aqueous Ozone Spray Device

EnozoPro and Enozo Wash Keeps you Healthy and Saves you Money.

We Get the Ugly Out

Lab tested and proven effective against contaminants that could make you ill.

Save up to $15,000 in
Santizing & Cleaning Solutions per EnozoPro

One EnozoPro device replaces 2000 litres (500 gallons) of commercial sanitizing and cleaning solution. 

No Toxic Chemicals
Leaves No Residue
Safe To Touch and Smell
Eliminates Odors
No Fragrances or Dyes
Commercial Sanitizing Power

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How EnozoPro Works

One EnozoPro 500 litres Sanitizer

Reduce Costs by Thousands


Uses Plain Tap Water 

Don't count on limited supplies of sanitizing products. Create your own instantly with Enozo

Filling EnozoPro with tap water

Never Run Out of Supply

Enozo Wash Sprayer on Patio

Safer, Healthier, Easier, and More Affordable


Enozo’s on-demand cleaning power eliminates the need for other synthetic chemicals and leaves no residue. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.


Aqueous ozone produced by Enozo when used as directed. It has been approved as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA so you can sanitize confidently.


Attack unwanted odors with the use of Enozo’s aqueous ozone without the need for added fragrances or dyes. This is especially helpful to those with allergies.

Effacacy of Enozo Aqueous Ozone on Viral and Bacterial Pathogens

MicororganismContact TimeReductionTesting Notes
Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate Virus 229E/ATCC VR-74030 Seconds99.9%The surrogate virus 229E /ATCC VR-740 is a virus that is commercially available and mimics
the SARS-CoV-2 virus (responsible for
development of the disease COVID-19). The test 
229E/ATCC VR-740 protocol is based on the ASTM E1052 Standard with considerations for use of ozone

E.Coli30 Seconds99.99%SB100 Spray Bottle Testing Results Using
Modified AOAC 960.09 Protocol. All tests done
as suspension testing for food contact surface
sanitization using non-halide chemicals.

Staph a.30 Seconds99.99%See above
E. coli30 Seconds99.9%SB100 Spray Bottle Testing Results Using
Modified AOAC 961.02 “Germicidal Spray
Products as Disinfectants” protocol.
All testing done at Lapuck Laboratories, Canton,
MA following the SB directions. All tests were
done on non- porous stainless-steel surfaces

Staph a.30 Seconds99.9%See above
Salmonella30 Seconds99.9%See above
Klebsiella pneumoniae30 Seconds99.9%See above
Enterobacter aerogenes30 Seconds99.9%See above

DISCLAIMER: The Enozo Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle (also branded O3waterworks™) is classified as a
pesticidal device under the EPA regulations. It has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to
SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19) on hard non-porous surfaces employing test methods recognized
as scientifically valid in the field. However, it is important to note that unlike chemical pesticides, EPA does
not routinely review the safety or efficacy of pesticidal devices, and therefore cannot confirm whether, or
under what circumstances, such products might be effective against the spread of COVID-19.   

Documentation and Lab Results

Enozo Testing and Lab Results

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