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Advanced Air and Surface Purifiers to  Reduce Dangerous Contaminants and Allergens.

We Get the Ugly Out

It has never been more important to ensure that the air you breath and the surfaces you touch are free of illness causing pathogens.

Viruses, bacteria, moulds,  and allergens are always present in your air and on surfaces. They can cause illness and allergic reactions.

The advanced technologies in our air and surface purifiers don't just rely on filters to clean your air. Multiple advanced techhologies emit the particles that will purify your air and surfaces from corner to corner.

Our advanced purifiers even help face masks filter out harmful contaminants better 

The air you breath indoors can be many times more polluted than the air outdoors.

Sealed buildings hold onto the toxins being off-gassed by carpets, most modern furniture, and many plastics and synthetics. Chemicals used to clean and maintain your space also wind up in the air you breath.

The quality of your indoor air can dramaticall affect your quality of life. Allergy symtoms, headaches, fatigue, and more frequent illness can all be the result of poor indoor air quality.

GermFree by Ecosuds provides a wide range of air and surface purifiers  to help you breath easier and stay healthier. 

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pureAir HVAC Technology

Advanced Air and Surface Purifier Solutions for your Business, Office, Clinic, or Classroom

Installed Commercial Air and Surface Purifiers

pureAir Ecobus

Ecobus is designed to be a permanently mounted unit. Originally designed for public transportation and now being used in buildings around the world as well. Its technology renders airbourne contaminants and allergens in the air and on surfaces effectively harmless on a continuous basis. Treatment from Ecobus also eliminates odors to create a cleaner, safer work  and learning environment.

PureAir Ecobus

pureAir HVAC

Microbial contamination of indoor air and surfaces represent a major public health problem and a potential source for sick building syndrome. Airbourne contaminants may cause health concerns in homes, schools, offices, and healthcare facilities. In addition to being unattractive to see and smell, molds also give off spores and mycotoxins that cause irritation, allergic reactions, or diseases in immunocompromised individuals. pureAir HVAC inactivates these pathogens. In addition, it reduces odors and destroys volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

PureAir HVAC from GermFree by Ecosuds

pureAir OMNI

The next generation in air and surface purification designed to contaminants, odors, and chemical contamination throughout the indoor environment.The technology within OMNI can be used in food processing, food preparation, food and ice storage, and food transportation for the control and prevention of disease-causing microorganisms while remaining safe for human exposure. By reducing contaminants on food contact surfaces, OMNI decreases cross-contamination and improves the quality and shelf-life of food products.

pureAir Omni Air and Surface Purifier from Ecosuds
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Watch the latest videos and news reports about our Commercial Air and Surface Purifying Systems

HVAC Air purifier over pictures of different inductries

Portable Air and Surface Purifiers

Office, Classroom, and Home air and surface purifiers

PureAir 1500

Small but powerful air and surface purifiying technology. Treat up to 1500 square feet of air and surfaces in a compact and attractive package. Effectively reduces airbourne harmful contaminants,  allergens, odours, and V.O.Cs from your breathing space

Greentech PureAir 1500 from Ecosuds

PureAir 3000

Greentech perfected compact air and surface purufication. This flagship model will treat up to 3000 square feet of air and surfaces. Easily fits into most office, classroom, clinic, or residential environment. Proven effective against harmful  airbourne contaminants while removing allergens, odours, and V.O.Cs from your breathing space

Greentech PureAir 3000

PureAir 500

The perfect desktop or tabletop unit. Compact and quiet Treats up to 800 square feet of air and surfaces.  Proven effective against dangerous airbourne contaminants. Removes allergens, odours, and V.O.Cs from your breathing space

Greentech PureAir 500

PureAir Solo

Creates a 4 foot personal breathing bubble or zone by repelling particles from your breathing space.
Helps protect you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, V.O.C.s, harmfull chemicals, and irritating scents wherever you go, indoors and outdoors.
Impoves the effectiveness of face masks.
Wear with break-away lanyard or clip.

PureAir Solo wearable air puifier on woman while drinking coffee

Learn about Greentech ARC air and surface purification technology

GreenTech Environmental uses Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®), to reduce dangerous contaminants by over 99%. Featuring the same purification technology developed and used by NASA, our wide variety of products actively purify a range of indoor spaces to continuously clean the air and surfaces. 

Teacher and students in classroom wearing face masks

Technical Presentation

Would you like to learn more about how both GreenTech and Purewash technologies work to keep you heathy. View this detailed presentation here

Improve the effectiveness of face masks

Read this study from the University of Cinninatti on how Ion Generators make face masks far more effective at filtering out tiny particles and dangerous contaminants

Stay Safe Stay Healthy

Safer Healthier / Air and Surfaces

We currently provide air and surface purification systems to: 

Retirement Homes and Communities
Public Transportation
Health Clinics
Dental Clinics
Medical Offices
Veterinary Clinics
Yoga Studios
Retail Stores
Hair and Nail Salons
Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Mosques
Residential Customers
and many more. 

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