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Protecting Your Workplace
Protecting Your People
Protecting You

  • Do you need to make sure your based business stays open and your staff stay healthy?
  • Do you want to assure your customers, patients, students, or visitors that you are doing everything needed to keep them safe? 
  • Are you spending too much on less effective sanitizing products?
  • Wherever you spend your time, whether at work, a clinic, school, or at play, we can help make your spaces healthier and safer.
Restaurant Disinfecting Stay Safe

The Cost of Doing Nothing
Ecosuds has the solutions to help drastically cut these costs.


Days of work lost in Canada due to illness each year*
*Statistics Canada


Lost to sick days each year.
*Statistics Canada


Hospitalized each year due to influenza in Canada*
*Health Canada

5 -10 %

Of students are missing school on any given day due to illness in Canada.

Helping to keep you healthy during COVID19 and beyond

GermFree by Ecosuds Microbe Shield

Microbe Shield Services

The best protection from the microbes that could make you sick
Microbe sheilds are applied about once a month to provide continuing protection from dangereous germs and microbes.

GermFree by Ecosuds Disinfecting Service

Disinfecting  & Santizing

Viruses, Bacteria, Pathogens, Moulds, and other micobes can damaging to your health and your bottom line. 
The GermFree by Ecosuds team are experts at reducing your risk of illness.

Ozone treamtents from GermFree by Ecosuds

Ozone and CL02 Services

Organic odors caused by pets, people, tobacco, cannabis or organic decay can all be safely eliminated with ozone and CL02. They are both also powerful sanitizers.

Air Purifiers from Ecosuds GermFree

Air & Surface Purifiers

Our unique line of purifiers actually kill viruses and bacteria, while removing harmful and allergy causing particles from your air and on your surfaces

Some of Who We Help with Sanitizing and Air Purification Systems


Doctor's Offices
Dental Offices
Therapy Centres
Hospital Common Areas


Day Care Centres
Lecture Halls


Senior's Residences
Long-Term Care Centres
Senior's Recreation Centres
Senior Day Care Centres


Recreation Centres
Meeting Halls
Hair & Nail Salons
Houses of Worship


Police Vehicles
Fire Vehicles


Truck Cabs
Truck Trailers
Taxi Cabs
Specialized Transit
Ride Sharing Vehicles
Heavy Equipment Cabs
Recreational Vehicles
Rental Cars


College Residences
Community Homes


Restaurants & Cafes
Call Centres

Touch Surface / Virus, Bacteria, & Germ Elimination

Touch Surface Disinfecting & Sanitizing

The Ecosuds Germ Free Distinfection Team will make sure you have a safer and healthier environment. We utilize a variety of solutions that will disinfect and sanitize all of your touch your surfaces, and keep you safe and healthy for up to 30 days.

Disinfecting in Long Term Care
Fogging disinfectant in Gyms by Ecosuds Germ Free

Complete Coverage/ Disinfect everywhere

Complete ULV & Touch Disinfection Treatments

You can only treat what you can reach with spray applications. That's why the Ecosuds Germ Free DisinfectionTeam uses the latest in fogging technology to make sure all areas from floor to ceiling are effectively treated with the best solutions to kill viruses, bacteria, and germs. Also an excellent way to disinfect commercial vehicles of all types and RVs

Ozone and CLO2/ Air and Surface Treatment

Ozone & CLO2 Treatments

Ozone and CLO2 have been used for decades to safely and effectively eliminate most types of organic odours. They are also effective at reducing or eliminating mould and mildew spores. Learn how the Ecosuds Germ Free Team use ozone and CLO2 to make your space healthier and more enjoyable to occupy.

Ozone Treatment for Tobacco and Cannabis
Clean Air Indoors

Air Purification / Breath Easier

Air & Surface Purification Systems

Viruses, Bacteria, Germs, Allergens and Odors in your air can make your life miserable. The Ecosuds Germ Free Team have sourced some of the highest efficiency air & surface purifiers to keep you breathing easier. 

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