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Microbe Shield /How it works

Microbe Shield Disinfecting Service

GermFree by Ecosuds has searched the world for the most advanced disinfecting technologies. These unique disinfecting treatments use physics, not chemistry.

When microbe shield disinfecting treatments are applied, they form a durable and invisible film of negatively charge pins, or swords, that draw in the positively charged microbes and destroy them.

These exciting new technologies provide protection from germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, and mildew.  Unlike traditional disinfectants designed to poison dangerous and damaging microbes, microbe shield treatments physically damage microbes rendering them harmless.

The Germ Free by Ecosuds Team will expertly  apply these  to your surfaces to help keep you safe and healthy.

Safer. Period. 

Why Microbe Shield vs Conventional Disinfectants

Conventional disinfectants work while wet. Once they are dry, the chemical poisoning of the microbe ceases, leaving your premisis, and more importantly, your people, unprotected. Any germ, bacteria, or virus can infect anyone touching that surface literally minutes after the application.

Microbe Shield disinfectants work when they are dry. An invisible film of positively charged tiny pins or swords attach to your surface. Microbes (which are negatively charged) are attracted onto these swords where they are physically destroyed.

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